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Get more customers for your iGaming apps

Meet Jacky. The experts in lead generation & affiliate marketing for native mobile apps.

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Jacky Affiliate Network

We deliver you the high rollers, the power users, the customers you want to have on your mobile app.

Connect to our network of selected mobile app publishers and instantly receive high quality & high spending leads for your native iGaming app.

Enjoy the freedom to choose between performance based payment plans by either paying per generated install (CPI) or any other action that you define (CPA).

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Private Affiliate Network

Start your own mobile affiliate network using the Jacky Mobile Affiliate Technology.

Your terms, your affiliates, our technology. Run any kind of mobile campaign with individual payout schemes (CPI, CPA and/or revenue sharing).

Invite your preferred affiliate apps or negotiate your direct deals with existing Jacky Affiliates.

Dedicated iGaming offers

iGaming-optimized banner formats

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Maximize your downloads and boost your ROI - we offer the most effective native ad formats optimized for iGaming operators.
Choose between dynamic odds banners or a wide range of other deep linked ad formats.

CPI, CPA and revenue share deals

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Jacky tracks which affiliate app users come from and how much each user spends.
With our technology we enable you to offer revenue share deals and run CPI/CPA based campaigns across your mobile affiliate network.

CLV Maximization

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Gain full transparency on your campaigns and on your users’ behavior. Compare different metrics to optimize your ongoing campaigns. Retarget users who are inactive and increase your revenue.

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Getting started with Jacky is simple. We designed our platform to keep your integration effort to an absolute minimum.

Sign up now to create your advertiser account. A dedicated account manager will get in touch with you and assist you with all the business & technical details.

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